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Healthy, affordable dehydrated pet treats.

All of my products are dehydrated using quality human grade Australian meats and offals.

No additives or preservatives are added to any of my treats.

Dehydration is a gentle, low temperature process which removes moisture, and preserves vitamins and other temperature sensitive nutrients.

As I am using commercial dehydrators, any chicken bones (necks & feet) will crumble/be a powdery consistency, NOT SPLINTER.

Always supervise your pet with any treats and provide fresh drinking water.

As meats are dehydrated from raw, always wash hands after handling.

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  • Beef Jerky
    -Lean source of protein.-Contains all of the essential amino acids.-Rich in vitamin B12, zinc, se...
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  • Beef Liver
    -Lean organ meat is high in protein.-Containing iron, vitamin B, vitamin A, essential fatty acids...
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  • Beef Tendons
    -Highly nutritious  -Variable amount of glucosamine & chondroitin in each tendon. -Long-lasti...
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  • Chicken Breast Fillet Jerky
    -A great source of protein that provides your pet with lots of energy. -A good source of Omega 6 ...
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  • Chicken Feet
    -Contains high concentrations of glucosamine & chondroitin for joint health. -Composed of car...
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  • Chicken Giblets
    Packed with protein, which supports immune function, helps create and maintain healthy skin and...
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  • Chicken Hearts
    -Lean source of protein. -High in fatty acids, vitamins & taurine to help maintain heart heal...
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  • Chicken Mince & Apple Chips
    Human grade Australian chicken breast fillets, minced - high in protein. Grated Apple - an exc...
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Our Happy Customers

Donna Lee

My Bernese Maggie has tried many of these tasty treats and absolutely loves them. Highly recommend them for your puppies, love that there all-natural and support a new local up-and-coming business. Only treats I will be buying from now on.

Barb N Col Marshall

My girls absolutely love these treats. I hated buying treats from the shop that seem to be full of nasties and often would upset their tummies. Bella-Liscious Treats are so healthy and my pups are continuously begging for them. They are completely stomach-friendly unlike the bought ones for pups with sensitive tummies. Made with love thanks to Sharon and Bella.

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